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The North American Grouse Partnership []

A organization of wildlife professionals, hunters and other conservation-minded individuals dedicated to the preservation of prairie grouse and their habitat.

The Ruffed Grouse Society []

An organization promoting scientific forest management benefiting ruffed grouse, woodcock, and numerous other woodland species.

The Pointing Dog Journal []

A publication dedicated to the training and hunting of pointing dogs.

Training Your Pointing Dog for Hunting and Home

Written by experienced grouse dog trainer, Richard D. Weaver, this book is a thorough, comprehensive, easily understood gun dog training guide by an author who has acquired rare insight into pointing dog behavior from extensive personal experience. .

Bird Dog: The Instinctive Training Method []

Ben Williams is an accomplished author, photographer and bird dog trainer. His book outlines an intuitive, insightful, common sense approach to developing a gun dog to its full potential.

Wingworks []

Wingworks manufactures innovative, bombproof, upland wingshooting vests for serious bird hunters demanding superior quality and performance from their equipment. This is the vest of choice for uncompromising wingshooters who accept nothing less than the best.

Gun Dog Supply [www.gundogsupply]

An excellent source of gun dog training supplies and equipment. The RGH 24" heavy duty tie out stake is the most durable we have used. The GDS lanyard and universal belt pouch set is the best method we have found for carrying the Apha 100.

Lion Country Supply []

A complete source of sporting dog equipment.

Gun Dog House []

Heavy-duty, durable dog doors. []

Source for good quality, economical, cordura nylon dog boots in a wide variety of sizes.

Garmin Alpha Training Collar []

Garmin, the world leader in GPS technology, now offers sporting dog enthusiasts integrated, state of the art GPS mapping/tracking and e-collar training capability in a single compact unit. The Pro 550 Plus is designed specifically for pointing dogs.

Boomerang Tags []

Their rectangular stainless steel slip on tag allows identification to be added to the Garmin Alpha while retaining the capability to easily add and remove a bell from the collar strap, or change collar straps.

Northstar Plastics []

Northstar Plastics manufacturers a variety of premium quality dog kennels from high density polyethylene to both standard and custom dimensions. The strong, welded construction is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Easyloader Kennels []

The Easy Loader two dog kennels from Custom Molding Services - available in three sizes -  is a rugged, economical transport option. The double configuration is more space efficient than two single crates.

Pet Lodge at Valley Vet []

The Pet Lodge, with wire doors on both one end and a side, allow the traveling wingshooter to carry four dogs in an SUV and conveniently access two through the rear side doors of the vehicle.